Lol cats

Hi guys, I 've got a really super video for you!

My dad sent it to me, I got such a laugh! You will cry with laughter!

I especially liked the cat that did "meow!" and jumped up when the second cat scared him.

If you have any funny videos, please let me know.

So long!

O sole mio!

For those, who don't like heavy metal, I have a special piece of music. My fav musician and composer... Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

Mozart's biography is long, so I won't start writing about him, but just a word. Does anybody know WHY I picked this video? Well, it went like this:

One day, me, dad and my sister were listening to Mozart's concert. Eventually, my sister got bored, and went on the computer. At one point she said "Quiet" and... started the exact same song that we were listening to!

Bye for now! :)

My hobby

Hello, today - or tonight - I would like to tell you about my favorite band.

My favorite band - the Australian AC/DC. You know how it all started? My dad had a CD of theirs, called Stiff Upper Lip. I liked it so much that I persuaded dad to buy me another CD. So he bought me Who Made Who. Super. Then came Highway To Hell. And today he bought The Razors Edge. Whenever we go to, let's say, a big store, nearly all the time we buy a CD.

The band:

Lead guitarist - Angus Young

Rhythm guitarist - Malcolm Young

Bass guitarist - Cliff Williams

Singer - Bon Scott (now Brian Johnson)

Drummer - Phil Rudd

So long guys!

My my! What colours can do!

Hi again. Ready to learn more about colours???

Your True Colours 2

See, food: colour also affects how we "taste" the food with our eyes. For example, French will eat grey, tinned beans and peas, while the British will not touch them. We prefer green apples to the American glossy red. But colour really has no effect!

It was the same with, let's say, the colour of washing powder. Someone gave a woman three packets of washing powder. One was blue, one yellow and one that was yellow and blue (I'm talking about the packets the washing powder was in). She was asked to test it. After the test, she said "The yellow packet with the powder was too strong, it damaged my clothes. The blue packet powder was too weak, it left stains on my dress! But, you know, I would gladly use the blue and yellow packet with powder, because it is just right!". But actually, the only difference in the powder was the colour of the packet!

Expect a colour test in the next post.

Colours interfere...

A little break from weather. In the last few days I have been traveling by car and I could not write. Now colours.

I was skimming through my book Advanced English, when a text caught my eye. It was about colours, and how they effect you. I'll write a piece, because I think it's too long for one post. It looked like this:

Your True Colours 1

If you look intensively through a red coloured glass, you see the world in red colours. Red also makes you feel hungry. Colours reveal our personalities. They also, (differing from the colour we are surrounded with) can change our feelings! If for example, the wall is blue, you feel calm and relaxed. If the wall is orange, you will have a tendency to hurry and the time will fly quickly.

More about colours in the next few posts! ;)

Now, I'll tell you about weather forecast

Now guys, look. Do you know how to predict the weather? I think that most people satisfy themselves by watching the weather forecast. But if you are out camping, with no radio, computer or TV, how CAN you know what the weather will be tomorrow? Well, I'm here to tell you that.

The trick is to watch the clouds. The four, most popular clouds are cirrus, cumulus, cumulonimbus and stratus.

The cirrus looks like threads or bits of cotton candy. If you see them it means that the weather will be bad in two, three days time, and it'll rain.

The cumulus is a white, rather flat, fleecy cloud. They quickly change their shapes. Sometimes they look like a elephant, or a dragon, and a minute later duck. Cumuluses take shape in the morning, and disappear in the afternoon. Look for them, because they bring nice weather.

Stratus - it covers the whole sky. It's greyish, really thin (the sun can shine through it) and full of drizzle. If you see it, nearly 100% guaranteed that the weather will be bad and the drizzle will spit for two or three days.

Cumulonimbus is a real skyscraper made out of clouds. It goes really high, like a castle or a rocket. When he drifts onto the sky, don't go out camping or sailing. Go home and get ready some entertainment. Oh, how it'll rain and how the wind will blow! And probably thunder will show up too!

There are two more ways of telling what the weather will be like. Coming soon!

Clouds and water and other things

Hey guys, I really had my mind made up to not write, but, everything is, after all, a try. So, I wanted to tell you bit 'bout clouds.

Clouds are just little bits of water, we all know that. But how is a cloud made, formed? Here two things work together: the sun and wind. The sun dries up puddles, water in little ponds... The water goes up, and then is formed by the wind. Water gradually adds to the clouds, until they are heavy and go down.

Now a change: water is continually in movement. From the clouds, into a river, then flowing into the sewage, cleaned, then evaporates................ Goodness knows what other things it does.

Lastly; a bit of water history: did you know that we drink, bathe in, use to water the flowers, were used by dinosaurs?

Hope you enjoyed my piece of info.

Isn't it weird?


We (me and my family) have a forest near our house. We go there to pick berries and mushrooms. I pretty much know the outskirts of the forest, but deeper in - no. Listen -

One day, we were walking along the outskirts of the woods. It's a little noisy, because people live there. There is also a little stream running out of the trees. A little sunny, a bit shady, trees round - that's the habitat that forest animals like. We were entering the woods, (the entrance is near the stream, where the trees part) and a thing like a snake slithered from the bushes nearby, shot across our path and dived into the stream. Isn't that weird? And, to cap it all, the snake-like creature had tiny brown glistening scales like a lizard (and a very big one too)!?

We didn't know what the creature was, so we just carried on picking mushrooms. When I visited my grandpa, he told me it was a blindworm - a lizard without legs! Well I never... Have you seen something like that?

Greece, here we come!

As I was telling you in the previous post, we had an apartment 5 minutes walk from the beach. Then my family changed their minds and said 'We want an apartment nearer to the sea'. So we moved into another apartment. It was bigger and, I dare say, more comfy.

We had 2 toilets, a bedroom, 2 balconies, a kitchen and a living room (the kitchen and main room were separated by a sort of movable wall). Quite comfy.

We had no garden, but 2 balconies overlooking the sea. You could sit there, drinking coffee, writing notes, and all sorts of other stuff, while there was always hot sun on your back. How good is that? Super good!

To get to the beach, you had to go down a long flight of stairs, cross the road, walk past some cliffs and - you were on the beach! In the close up (the photo is taken when you get past the cliffs and are standing at the beginning of the beach) you can see the beach (Votsi).

I really like talking about my travels, especially when someone is listening to what I am saying. Maybe someone could say 'Oh, I never want to travel'. I am not one of those people. I was taught to travel since I was a child, and I want to keep traveling, for it always seems like a new adventure.

Ah! Greece!


Today, I wanted to tell you about my holidays in Greece (I mentioned Greece in the post - Hey there, funny fish!). I have been there at least 3 times, and know the places in Votsi, Alonnisos - one of the Greek islands - excellently (Alonnisos - the Greek island where we were staying). I hope you enjoy my review.

We were staying in a house where we had 1 floor for ourselves. A kitchen, a bathroom, a living and dining room and a bedroom for 3. There was also a bed in the living-dining room. Outside, if you stood on the concrete floor outside the house (where there was also a table - much bigger than the one inside - so we usually ate our meals there) you had a, lets say - 10, 15 meter garden that you could look over, and a really good view on the sea (if there was a ship sailing to the port you could see it quite well).

The garden lingered in between where you could say - "really nice, two citrus trees, a grapevine and stuff" and where you could also say - "withered, dry earth, nearly no shade...". I liked it that way.

We had a 5 minute walk to the beach (Votsi beach). You can see the harbour and reefs in the photo attached. Beautiful, clean, blue waveless sea, hot rocks on the beach... It was all there...

In the next post I will attach a photo of the beach and include more information. Hope you liked the post. See ya!